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Ninja Creami 16oz Sleeve

Ninja Creami 16oz Sleeve

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Insulated Neoprene Sleeve for Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker Containers – Perfect Fit & Enhanced Cold Retention

Your Ninja Creami ice cream experience can't wait for our HAPI sleeves. Tailor-made for the Ninja NC301, NC300, NC299AMZ series Creami ice cream maker's 16oz pint containers, these sleeves ensure a perfect fit and extended enjoyment of your frozen treats.

Superior Cold Retention: Made from 4mm thick high-density neoprene, our sleeves keep your ice cream colder for longer, allowing you to savor every scoop without the rush.

Prevents Condensation and Spills: Slip this sleeve onto your pint container immediately after preparation to minimize water spots, keep your hands dry, and avoid puddles on the table. Enjoy a mess-free ice cream experience every time.

Reusable and Easy to Clean: Designed for sustainability and convenience, our neoprene sleeves are both reusable and washable. Whether you choose to machine wash or rinse by hand, cleaning up is a breeze.

Don't let your ice cream melt away. Our Insulated Neoprene Sleeves for Ninja Creami containers offer the ideal solution for longer-lasting, enjoyable ice cream experiences. Order yours today and transform how you enjoy homemade ice cream!

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